Ramya MK

Ramya MK


Overall 16 years of professional experience with 8 years as
Spiritual Counsellor, Motivational Speaker & Trainer

Ms Ramya MK was a Human Resource Management professional with various IT firms for over 7 years and later went on to explore her calling in Counselling and Learning & Development.

Motivational Speaker

Ramy.MK resonates strong belief in the inner potential of every living being, development of their personality through Counselling and training and has also been a Mentor for many. A commendable Motivational Speaker – Skilled in designing customized personality development workshops, planning, and delivering highly effective sessions.

As a Life Skills Coach, she conducts programs and workshops which include Personality Development, Stress Management, Anger Management, Time Management, Work-Life Balance, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Goal Setting & Action Planning, Decision Making, Leadership Skills, Problem Solving, Team Management, Career Skills, Communication Skills, etc.,

Ramya preaches ‘living in the present’ and ‘Experiencing Happiness’ in every moment of life. A dynamic personality with a positive attitude which drives ideas, conception to realization. She is strong-minded, self-confident and believes to know the unknown.

Educational Institutions

Ms Ramya MK is a Trainer, Counsellor and Guide for students, teachers, parents at Educational Institutions. She specializes in designing programs and workshop for school students. Below are a few topics which are part of the Wellness Ever workshop for schools, which she designs, customizes need-based and delivers single-handedly.

  • Personality Development
  • Peer Pressure Management
  • Stress Management for teachers and students
  • Time Management for teachers and students
  • Coaching for Adolescent issues
  • Counselling for parents
  • Behavioural Counselling for students

A Leader, Spiritual guide, Healer and Counsellor

Ramya is currently a partner at “Wellness Ever” an Alternative Therapy & Holistic Healing Centre for Body, Mind & Soul and carries with her vast experience:

As a Counsellor – guiding people resolve problems concerning Relationships, Stress, Addiction, Health issues, Professional issues, etc.

As a Spiritual Counsellor –  she has experience in identifying and clearing blocks and hurdles in their spiritual path

Parenting & Relationship expert – working towards enhancing inter & intrapersonal relationships

Also, she provides personalized Counselling for

  • De-Addiction
  • Adolescent issues
  • Couple & Family issues
  • Challenges faced by Senior Citizen
  • Pain Management, more

Previous Experiences

Ms Ramya MK carries over 8 years of in-depth experience in HR Recruiting with various companies.
Worked as a Teacher at Sri Aurobindo Educational Institute, Bangalore for over 1.5 years

Hobbies and Other Interests

  • A creative artist, she is passionate about painting, pencil sketching and drawing. She has got great Artistic Talent – singlehandedly planned and designed Wellness Ever centres in Bangalore
  • Free Sketch drawing and painting
  • Creative Designing (Interior designing, Jewellery designing)
  • Reading books and writing
  • Kannada literature, drama and stage acting (was a state-level winner for stage acting during her schooling)
  • Movies and collections, music and dance
  • Jewellery making
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