Ramya MK

Ramya MK


A Spiritual Counsellor, Motivational Speaker & Trainer, Ms. Ramya MK is a Human Resource Management professional having worked with various IT firms for more than 10 years, she went on to explore her calling in Training and Counselling.

Having vast experience in Counselling, Psychotherapy, Human Resources and Personal Management, she resonates a strong belief in the potential of every living being and their development and upscaling of personality. She has been a motivator for many and she specialises in Spiritual counselling and Addiction problems.

A mother of two and creative artist who is passionate on painting, free hand pencil sketching and drawing. She is preacher of living in the present and Experience Happiness in every moment of life. Believes to know the unknown. She works hard for upliftment of people at different facets of society, solve their problems through counselling and spiritual counselling and training.

A Dynamic personality with a positive attitude who drives idea conception to realisation.

Strong minded, Self-confident with entrepreneurial spirit.

A leader, Spiritual guide, Healer and Counsellor.

Ms. Ramya MK is pioneer Spiritual Counsellor based in Bangalore. She heads “Wellness Ever” an Alternative Therapy & Holistic Healing Centre for Body, Mind & Soul and carries with her a vast experience as:

  • Counsellor guiding people in problems and confusion concerning Relationship problems, Stress, Addiction and De-Addiction, Illnesses, Professional issues etc.
  • As a Spiritual Counsellor, she has experience in identifying and clearing the blocks and hurdles in their spiritual path.
  • Parenting & Relationship expert working towards enhancing interpersonal relationships.
  • Trainer, Counsellor and Guide for students, teachers, Parents and Educational institutes
  • A Commendable Motivational speaker.
  • Skilled in designing customised personality development training workshops, planning and delivering effective motivational sessions.
  • Dedicated to conducting individual and group counselling sessions for students, teachers and parents.
  • She has got great Artistic Talent – singlehandedly planned and designed Wellness Ever centres in Bangalore.
  • Expert De-Addiction program designer, counselling the addicts and their close relatives.

Workshops for School:

Ms. Ramya MK specialises in designing the all programs and workshop for school students. Below are few topics which is part of the Wellness Ever workshop for school, which is being designed by Ms. Ramya and updated time to time.

  1. Personality Development
  2. Peer Pressure Management
  3. Stress management for teachers and students
  4. Time management for teachers and students
  5. Coaching for Adolescent problems
  6. Counselling for parents
  7. Behavioural counselling for students

Hobbies and Other Interests:

  • Free Sketch drawing and painting
  • Creative Designing (Interior designing, Jewellery designing)
  • Reading Books and writing
  • Kannada literature, drama and stage acting (was state level winner for stage acting during her schooling)
  • Movies and collections, music and dance.
  • Jewellery making
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