Dr Madhuri Arunkumar

Dr Madhuri Arunkumar

Partner, Wellness Ever

Dr. Madhuri is a Physician, Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Healer.

At Wellness Ever, we have a fine spread of Specialized Natural Healing Systems. She believes, everyone who walks into Wellness Ever has the most natural, safe, and precise option to choose from. Having experienced what they need, they leave with their health and happiness restored. An individual who comes here is given the opportunity to restore their health and happiness by attending to our services.

Dr. Madhuri is an Allopathic Doctor by profession.  She hails from a family that also has strong roots in the Ayurveda Traditional Healing System. She strongly believes in Natural methods and incorporates these in a fine blend, to treat an illness.

She emphasizes the importance of understanding your body nature, analyzing what it is going through, and the cause behind it, to arrive at a solution for your pain or disease. She says, “There is a strong connection between the mind ( your thoughts) and the body( what you experience – pleasure or pain). By healing the mind or the root cause, most health problems can be overcome.”

As a Reiki Healer, she has experienced that positive energy can heal most of the health issues or emotional issues that one is going through, without the help of any form of medicine. It can even heal a person’s life and bring them out of situations they find difficult to handle.

Dr. Madhuri is a certified Yoga Instructor. Her medical background often supports a unique combination she can offer every client. Yogasana is a stream of physical fitness. It also helps you focus, balances your mind, and release stress. To start with, one can overcome minor ailments or aches through the practice of appropriate asanas.

With regular practice, one can improve health and fitness, feel good, and Experience Happiness!!!

Yoga is an experience for the body to connect with the Mind and Soul!

Her motive is to help an individual work towards a Healthy Body and a Happy Mind, by overcoming health issues and physical concerns.

A Happy Mind resides in a Happy Healthy Body!!!


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