Spirit Release Therapy, spirit attachment, negative energies

Spirit Release Therapy, spirit attachment, negative energies

Spirit Release Therapy

Spirit Release Therapy is a spiritual healing used to clear a person of additional spirit attachments and its associated negative energies. Additional entities (spirits) attach to a living being when energies are low or negative. Fear, depression, anxiety, constant and unreasonable mood swings, addictions and abuse opens the door for spirit attachment. 

Spirit release procedures are not dangerous or frightening. Once the client is aware of the reality of the situation the process is much faster and easier to resolve. Once a person is free from spirit possession, their own energy returns and they begin to feel like their usual self. Most people will notice some type of energy shift right away and also feel better with healing as time progresses. Spirit Release Therapy is not magic, imagination or illusion.

Spirit Release Therapy is different from exorcism or black magic. In the Spirit Release Therapy process, the external entity is spoken to directly. It is shown a better way to live by helping get into a new life or light. By being released to new life the external entity also receives  healing and will not return to the host or anyone else. Once the unwanted energy is removed, the aura of the affected person is healed and sealed with positive Energy.

A Spirit Releasement Therapy session may require anywhere from as little as 1 session or in some cases may require several sessions. The length of the session depends on how many external spirits are present and their willingness to readily leave the host.

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