Reiki Healing & Classes (Basics to Masters level)

Reiki Healing, Reiki Classes - Basics to Masters level

Reiki Healing & Classes

Reiki is a Natural Healing technique that originated in Japan. This technique is being practiced around the world by healers from various belief systems. Reiki means ‘Life Force Energy,’ and this energy flows through all living beings. Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki and passed down this knowledge through his students.

When this energy is high and flows without any blocks, we experience positivity in all our activities. We feel low, experience health issues, and things don’t work positively when this energy is weak or blocked. Healing helps us remove energy blocks and balance energy throughout our system. It also helps reduce stress and experience positivity in health, thoughts, feelings, relationships, professions, and spiritual levels.

Reiki is not a massage, belief, or auto-suggestion technique. It is a subtle and effective form of energy healing. Today there are different forms of Reiki practiced around the world. The Classic ‘Usui System’ of Reiki is the most popular and widely practiced form. A Reiki Master initiates students and passes on this knowledge during the training.

What does Reiki Heal?

Reiki is almost limitless with what it can heal. Some of the most commonly sought healing is for stress reduction, health conditions, chronic pain, worry, tension, anxiety, emotional disturbances, depression, relationship issues, career/professional, education, family issues (children, couple/partners, senior citizens), financial conditions, low-self-esteem/ego problems, spiritual goals, etc.,

While Reiki is a potent healing technique, it is not a replacement for medication or medical treatments. We may use Reiki in complement with medical systems/medicine too. During the healing session, you sit/lie-down comfortably. You may choose to receive healing hands-on or without touch.

Reiki Healing at Wellness Ever

You may choose Reiki Healing sessions at Wellness Ever, which lasts from 30 to 90min based on need. After you consult with our Senior Healer/Wellness Consultant, we allot your healing appointments. We encourage you to share issues/challenges you face and the purpose you seek healing during the consultation. The consultant assesses your energies and suggests suitable solutions and changes accordingly. The consultant would indicate the number of healing sessions you would need.

Reiki Classes at Wellness Ever

Anyone with an open mind can learn and practice Reiki once they receive the initiation. It doesn’t require extensive learning or practice to be a healer. You become a healer as soon as you complete the Reiki Level 1 class.

At Wellness Ever, you learn the Classic ‘Usui’ system of Reiki. Wellness Ever conducts Reiki classes from the basic level (Reiki 1) through the Master level (Reiki 3A & 3B) as one day class each, based on your eligibility. We conduct individual and group courses at regular intervals.

Each level of Reiki class includes notes, certificates, and one month of free email and phone support. During the practical session, you experience first hand what you have learned during the class. You learn how to assess your energies and heal each chakra. You generally feel very positive and energetic at the end of each level.

To confirm your seat for the weekend classes/for Reiki Healing, submit the necessary details in the Contacts Form, and we will connect with you within two working days.

Alternatively, you could call us on Mob: +91-9591989220, and we would be more than happy to provide you with the details.