Chakra Meditation Classes, Wellness Ever

Chakra Meditation Classes, Wellness Ever


Chakra is the ‘Sanskrit‘ word for wheel or disc. Chakras exist in all living beings as vortexes of energy present in the ethereal body. Our chakras receive, regulate and disperse the universal energy within the mind, physical body and outside the physical body too. In humans, there are seven major chakras.

Chakras function as centres of energy distribution and transmission to the nearest limbs and organs. There are 7 (seven) significant Chakras in the human body located along the spinal column. These Chakras have energy strands that the spiritual eye perceives as light.


Meditation is a technique for focusing our mind on a particular thought or a state of thoughtlessness. As we gain better control over our thoughts, our mind calms down, begins to concentrate and stay in the present moment or a particular desired state. We can experience peace and happiness in the process.

Some primary benefits of meditation are improved patience, reduced Stress, lessen anxiety, tension and frustration. We could also experience improvement in memory, concentration, inner peace and overall wellbeing. By a continuous process of meditation, we can guide our thoughts and actions and can also create an atmosphere of peace and happiness around us. We gradually develop a state of mental equilibrium and remain happy all the time, free from worries and confusions.

There are innumerable benefits of meditation which help us through life. Experiences with meditation are limited only by our mind. Also, with the help of meditation, achieving goals and managing Stress becomes easier. We experience better Health & Wellness when our mind is peaceful.

Though some meditation techniques are simple and easy to learn, regular practice is essential to achieve good results. Also, this helps us let go off previous patterns of undesired thoughts and bringing in the desired change. It has proven to reverses effects of Stress, improves breathing, heal, overcome addictions, etc.

Meditation is not

Meditation is not escapism or doing nothing, or means to suppress emotions. It is neither superstitious or a religious ritual. All religions and belief systems practise meditation is some or the other way. Also, meditation is not uncaring self-absorption or seclusion.

Each belief system has its technique of meditation, which believers practice according to prescribed norms. While the process may differ, the intended outcome is usually similar. That is, being at peace with oneself, and as an extension, with everyone and everything in this universe.

Chakra Dhyana / Chakra Meditation Classes

Chakra Dhyana or Chakra Meditation is an advanced form of meditation that involves identifying, controlling and balancing our Chakras. It is important to remember that this form of meditation is potent. Also, you should consider the effects before you begin with Chakra Meditation. Usually, it is a good idea to start chakra meditation with the help of an instructor/guide/guru to guide you properly.

At Wellness Ever, Chakra Meditation class over a two-day workshop. In the two day workshop, you learn

  1. Location of the chakras in our body
  2. Qualities and Nature of each Chakra
  3. Recognise the energy and blockages in the Chakras
  4. How to work with them and to remove obstructions in the energy flow
  5. Control, balance & enhance the power of each Chakra

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